Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

1. Responsibilities and other factors to be aware of in providing information on social media

Information is to be released through social media only with the awareness that it can be accessed by unspecified numbers of users of all backgrounds and circumstances, and that the information cannot be completely deleted. Each and every employee must remain aware that posting information or responding to it will have an effect, however small it may be, on the broader community. Care must therefore be taken not to cause misunderstandings.


2. Promotion of communication through appropriate information sharing

We always remain attentive in lending an ear to what our stakeholders have to say. We are aware that deepening ties with stakeholders through communication can help find solutions to their problems. We are also aware that in doing so we can make an enormous contribution to the elevation of our company’s brand. Through experience, each employee can increase their individual value. And by sharing what we have learned broadly, both within the company and without, we strive to contribute to the growth both of individuals and the community.


3. Compliance with internal and external rules and regulations

While complying with laws and regulations as well as internal company rules, we act as well-intentioned members of society, taking responsibility for our own conduct whenever using social media.


4. Use of social media

This policy and various other guidelines have been established regarding the business and personal use of social media by employees.


5. Directions and requests for our customers and service users

Information transmitted through social media by the employees of our company or any group member company does not necessarily constitute a formal announcement or view of the company. Therefore, please obtain the appropriate prior approval. Formal announcements and official information can be found at our company website and in issued press releases. Modes of interaction regarding announcements will differ (e.g., refusal to comment, method, timing of responses, etc.). For information on the operation of each individual account, please refer to our below accounts.




6. Inquiries regarding social media policy

Please submit any inquiries regarding the use of social media by our group companies by using the contact form.