Real-time satisfaction assessment equipment

HAPPYCHECK (Version QR Code)

A must-have tool for the service industry and business where customer satisfaction is highly important.  The system collects satisfaction scores from customers at the point of service. An on-site service provider gets the notification. While management can access real-time reports from anywhere to follow up on the case and improve the issue area accordingly.

It is often found as an effective advisory tool for critical decision making e.g. increasing manpower, training required, improving the process, improving service, problem-solving, and prioritizing.


  1. Customizable Customer Feedback (CF) Page
  2. Scan QR Code to access the Customer Feedback Page
  3. Up to four layers of Feedback Questions
  4. Identify the problem area.
  5. Identify frequent issues found in each location.
  6. Identify the root causes of the overall performance.
  7. Analyzing score trends and preventing upcoming issues.

Options for enhancement

  1. Fixed point
    • For the specific location (Integrated with GPS), with this option, the CF page will not pop up if scan QR Code outside the designated area.
  2. RSM (Real-time Service Monitoring)
    • All feedback from a customer is displayed on the central screen.
  3. RSM+Action
    • All feedback from a customer is displayed on the central screen. On-site staff solve the issue in the area, then remotely update the status from “Issue found” to “Solved”.  Central monitor refreshes and displays the latest status.

Target User:
Airport, Building, Restaurant chain, Bank counter, any service points

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HappyCHECK (BYOD-Bring Your Own Device)