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Work Orders: Streamlining Service Delivery

The Work Order function in eS/Clean plays a vital role in maintaining high service quality standards. Here’s how it simplifies work management:

Enhanced Efficiency and Tracking

Automatic Work Order Generation

Online Work Orders enable easier recording, assignment, and status tracking of assigned tasks. This includes details like the designated staff member, target completion date, and current progress.

Issuing a Work Order through the system not only streamlines information recording but also facilitates assignment tracking. This allows for better evaluation of management efficiency. Metrics like “response time” (time taken to accept an assignment) become readily available.

The system tracks work progress through stages like “In Progress” and “Completed.” If the assigned manager finds the work unsatisfactory, they can reject it within the system itself.

eS/Clean goes beyond manual creation. Work Orders can be automatically generated from three sources:


  1. Customer Complaints: When a customer submits a complaint, a corresponding Work Order can be automatically triggered.

  2. Incident Reports: Upon identifying an incident, a Work Order can be instantly generated.

  3. Live Inspections: During live inspections, if issues are discovered, the system can automatically generate a Work Order.

Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Unified Dashboard and Visibility

Work Order data provides valuable insights for service provider evaluation. For instance, extended response times or delays beyond the designated timeframe indicate potential areas for improvement.

The Work Order dashboard offers a visual representation of on-time and overdue task completion rates. This data empowers informed decision-making to optimize workflows and enhance service delivery.

All Work Orders, regardless of their origin (customer complaints, incidents, or inspections), are integrated into a centralized system.

This provides managers with a clear overview of all active work orders, allowing them to track progress and identify any potential bottlenecks.

Automated Reminders and Improved Accountability

Live Notification System

The system automatically sends reminders to assigned personnel for unstarted tasks. This proactive approach ensures that tasks don’t fall through the cracks, potentially causing problems to escalate.

The system incorporates a live notification system to ensure that no Work Order goes unnoticed.