Feature Scan-to-Inspect


Scan-to-Inspect: Revolutionizing On-Site Inspections with Mobility and Accuracy

The Scan-to-Inspect function within eS/Clean leverages the power of smart devices to transform the way cleaning contractors conduct on-site inspections. This innovative feature prioritizes mobility, user-friendliness, and accuracy, streamlining the inspection process for field personnel.


Enhanced Mobility: Scan-to-Inspect empowers inspectors to perform their duties efficiently using their smartphones. This eliminates the need to carry bulky inspection manuals or binders, fostering a more agile and mobile work style.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with field staff in mind, Scan-to-Inspect boasts a simple and intuitive interface. No matter the smartphone model or brand, inspectors can easily navigate the system and conduct thorough inspections.

Automatic Inspection Pattern Selection: Scan-to-Inspect integrates seamlessly with QR code technology. By scanning a QR code strategically placed at each inspection point, the system automatically retrieves the corresponding inspection pattern from a centralized library. This eliminates the risk of selecting the wrong inspection form and ensures a standardized approach across all locations.

Improved Accuracy: Automatic pattern selection minimizes human error and guarantees that inspectors use the appropriate criteria for each specific area. This fosters consistent and reliable inspection results.

Scan-to-Inspect empowers cleaning contractors with a mobile, user-friendly, and accurate inspection solution. This innovative feature streamlines field operations, reduces errors, and empowers personnel to deliver high-quality cleaning services.