Feature Periodic Work


Periodic Work: Ensuring Consistent Cleaning in Commercial Buildings

The Periodic Work function within eS/Clean offers a comprehensive system for managing and scheduling routine cleaning tasks in commercial buildings. Here’s how it streamlines your operations:

Effortless Scheduling and Planning

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Plan and schedule recurring cleaning tasks for up to a year in advance. This ensures long-term visibility and facilitates proactive resource allocation.

The system automatically sends alerts to cleaning personnel about upcoming periodic work assignments. These timely notifications prevent missed tasks and ensure adherence to cleaning schedules.

Detailed Work Specifications

Accessibility and Reporting

Each periodic work record can include comprehensive details about the specific cleaning tasks required. This information may encompass:

    • Areas to be cleaned: Clearly define which areas require cleaning attention during each periodic service.
    • Specific cleaning methods: Outline the appropriate cleaning procedures for each area (e.g., mopping floors, dusting furniture, sanitizing restrooms).
    • Required cleaning products: Specify the necessary cleaning supplies for each task.
    • Estimated completion time: Allocate a realistic timeframe for completing each periodic cleaning activity.

Administrators have on-demand access to comprehensive reports on periodic work activities. These reports can be generated in various formats, including calendars or detailed listings. This allows for:

    • Performance monitoring: Track the completion rates and adherence to schedules for periodic cleaning tasks.
    • Identifying trends and patterns: Analyze historical data to identify areas requiring additional attention or potential areas for optimization.

Real-Time Updates

Maintaining Service Contract Compliance

Cleaning personnel can update work progress and record any relevant information while on-site. This might include:

Completion confirmation: Mark tasks as completed upon finishing each assigned cleaning activity.

    • Notes and observations: Document any observations or notes pertaining to the cleaning process (e.g., equipment malfunction, product shortage).

By ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning through scheduled periodic work, contractor companies demonstrate adherence to service agreements. 

This fosters trust and strengthens long-term client relationships.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined scheduling and real-time updates promote efficient task management and resource allocation.
  • Improved Communication: Automated notifications and accessible reports ensure clear communication between administrators and cleaning personnel.
  • Reduced Risk of Oversights: Scheduled reminders and detailed task specifications minimize the risk of missed or incomplete cleaning tasks.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: Consistent and high-quality cleaning, as facilitated by the Periodic Work function, leads to greater client satisfaction.

By leveraging the Periodic Work feature, cleaning companies in commercial buildings can guarantee a well-maintained environment, promote client satisfaction, and ensure long-term business success.