Feature On-site Information


On-Site Information: A Centralized Resource for Streamlined Operations

The On-Site Information function within eS/Clean provides a readily accessible repository of crucial details for inspectors, managers, and zone supervisors overseeing multiple departments. This feature acts as a digital manual, offering a wealth of information accessible through various communication tools.

Key Information at Your Fingertips


On-Site Information eliminates the need to constantly search for basic operational details. It provides convenient access to:

  • Employee Schedules: View staff schedules, including shift information and personnel assigned to different departments.
  • Equipment Inventory: Maintain a comprehensive list of equipment readily available within each department.
  • Contact Details: Easily locate contact information for both service providers and building owners/clients. This eliminates the hassle of searching for critical contact details during urgent situations.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: On-Site Information fosters streamlined operations by ensuring everyone has immediate access to essential information, reducing the need for time-consuming searches.
  • Improved Communication: Having centralized contact details facilitates seamless communication between service providers, building owners, and onsite personnel.
  • Smoother Transitions: When personnel changes occur due to job rotations or resignations, new staff can readily access important information, minimizing disruption and ensuring continuity of service.
  • Knowledge Transfer: The platform provides a repository of valuable information, reducing the reliance on individual knowledge and facilitating smooth onboarding for new team members.