Feature Manpower Record


A Valuable Tool for Efficient Management

The Manpower Record functionality within the platform allows sites to track employee attendance. This feature proves highly beneficial, especially for administrators overseeing multiple sites. By monitoring staff numbers, managers can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Ensuring Adequate Staffing Levels

Enhanced Management of Multiple Sites and Departments

     Having an insufficient number of employees compared to contractual or planned needs can directly impact work quality. In smaller sites where each employee plays a crucial role, understaffing can lead to incomplete tasks and a decline in service standards. 

     To address this, supervisors or executives may need to adjust work assignments and delegate tasks among remaining employees to ensure work gets completed to the required level.

     The Manpower Record is particularly useful for managing numerous departments across a large area. Imagine a zone manager who can instantly verify, at 8:00 AM each morning, whether each department under their supervision has the necessary staff.

     This real-time information allows for better resource allocation. For instance, the manager might reassign employees from nearby locations or call in additional support to address urgent tasks, preventing potential delays and complaints from employers or higher-level executives.

Benefits for Subcontractors

The platform also offers valuable benefits for subcontractor companies who utilize it for their workforce management. Users have reported the advantage of accumulating daily attendance data, which serves as verifiable evidence to compare with work schedules and timekeeping records. This information provides a clear audit trail and serves as proof of service delivery. Additionally, some companies leverage this feature to seamlessly submit attendance data to clients. Previously, collecting service fees could be delayed due to the need to gather evidence from individual sites serving the same client base. This manual process was time-consuming.

The Manpower Record streamlines the process, allowing both service providers and clients to expedite fee collection as daily attendance records are readily available. Additionally, representatives from both parties can review and verify the information in advance of month-end, allowing for any discrepancies or missing data to be addressed promptly. This eliminates the need for time-consuming data collection from multiple locations and minimizes the risk of missing crucial information.

The Manpower Record functionality has gained widespread adoption due to its ability to streamline workflows and enhance data reliability.