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Incident Reporting: A Valuable Tool for Risk Management

The Incident Report function within eS/Clean serves as a critical resource for storing and analyzing information about various events. This system offers several key benefits:

Comprehensive Data Storage

Detailed Recording for Informed Decisions

Incident Reports can categorize events, store photos as evidence, and facilitate long-term data storage. This historical data becomes invaluable for service improvement and preventive measure development.

By studying past incidents, companies can proactively mitigate risks and prevent similar occurrences.

eS/Clean’s Incident Report section captures the date, time, and severity level of each incident. It also allows for recording the impact of the event and any decisions made in response.

This detailed record serves as a valuable reference point for future analysis and decision-making.

Trend Analysis and Prevention Strategies

Enhanced Clarity and User Education

Incident Reports are instrumental in identifying recurring events. By analyzing these reports, companies can pinpoint root causes, develop preventive measures, and assess potential risks and consequences of future incidents. 

The system even allows for recording “near-misses,” which are events that could have potentially caused issues.

A common user confusion point lies in differentiating between Incidents and Work Orders

To address this, eS/Clean offers a dedicated page explaining the distinction between these two functionalities. Furthermore, the platform separates these sections for clear organization and ease of access.