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Streamline Service Requests

If your cleaning service management relies on scattered work order management systems like email, sticky notes, and text messages, you’re exerting unnecessary effort. Instead, utilize our software to centralize and organize every work order request. This enables your team to efficiently fulfill contracts, enhance productivity, and safeguard project margins.

Work Order Management

Enhance Communication Efficiency

Providing Your Team the Capability To:
  1. Generate Tickets
  2. Centralize All Work Orders
  3. Effortlessly Monitor Communication for Every Request
  4. Enable Clients to Submit and Receive Updates 
  5. Incorporate Due Dates, Priority, and Images for Any Task
  6. Establish a Traceable Cleaning History
The success of your maintenance department hinges on your team’s capacity to heed and respond to feedback. The initial step involves efficiently gathering observations from quality assurance staff, managers, and building patrons. Subsequently, you must translate this information into actionable tasks and disseminate them to your frontline staff.
With your maintenance team’s work order requests converging to a central location, you’re no longer burdened with intermediation. This allows you to focus on fostering a culture of quality control and enhancing your team’s efficiency.

Track and Assess Your Team’s Progress

Set Clear Expectations

In an ideal scenario, management would be seamless if the work order process flowed smoothly from request to completion. However, in reality, challenges may arise on-site for your cleaning management service team that can’t be instantly resolved. In such situations, teams require a method to document the obstacle before proceeding to the next task.
eS/Clean’s mobile app simplifies real-time communication for frontline staff, allowing them to report on-site developments effortlessly. Meanwhile, managers can review these updates using the digital work orders inbox from the office. This information enables custodial teams to establish best practices, fostering accountability and productivity.
In service industries, both customers and internal stakeholders anticipate consistent project communication. However, with the demands of managing service requests and information updates already consuming your time, it’s essential to seek support when you understand the implications of mishandling either.
Our work order management module enables clients and stakeholders to request services through the app or portal using their individual client login. Moreover, eS/Clean automatically notifies the requester via email upon task completion. Equipped with a seamless method to demonstrate contract fulfillment, you gain more time to concentrate on cultivating other avenues for customer relationship-building.

Optimize Your Team’s Workload

Enhance Your Cleaning Management Service

Efficiently prioritizing and fulfilling service requests hinges on gathering pertinent information. Our Work Order module empowers teams and customers to incorporate priority levels, due dates, and images into any task directly from any mobile device.

These additional details provide clarity on the request, its severity, and urgency, enabling your team to dispatch staff with the appropriate expertise and tools for the job. By streamlining your asset management system, you’ll observe cost savings in your project’s margins.

Once your work order process transitions to digital, you gain the ability to evaluate your team’s performance with a few clicks. Moreover, as you streamline your workflow, our system handles all the data analysis.
Through our Reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards, you can swiftly access Your Team’s Average Response Time, Staff’s Average Completion Time, The Ratio of Open to Closed Work Orders, and The Monthly Volume of Service Requests.
These additional insights empower your team to work more efficiently.
As your team fosters a culture of quality control, managers recognize the significance of providing consistent instructions. This ensures that cleaners have clear guidance as they execute assigned tasks. However, some job scheduling solutions necessitate managers to manually input the same task description for each scheduled service.

Experience how our software streamlines the job scheduling process to ensure no task slips through the cracks. Start using eS/Clean today.