Periodic Work Schedule



Periodic Job Planning

Plan Services Efficiently

– Providing Your Team the Capability To:

– Customize Frequencies for Scheduling Recurring Tasks

– Automatically Convert Scheduled Cleanings Into Work Orders

– Send Automated Email Reminders to Customers

– Generate a Calendar for Client Viewing

– Customize Your List of Frequently Scheduled Items

Specialty cleaning projects demand specific employee expertise, specialized equipment, and may restrict facility usage. If your service business relies on a standard calendar, it’s easy for these assignments to catch you off guard. As you address this issue, concerns about its impact on your project budget may arise.
Our software solution provides customizable frequencies, allowing you to schedule the service and set up pre-task reminders. The automation of workload notifications ensures you have ample time to organize everything before the deadline. With the contract requirements fulfilled, you’ll experience reduced stress and fewer last-minute expenses.

Promote Professional Growth

Enhance Your Team’s Customer Service

Picture a scenario where shift leads and their team members receive advance notice of their upcoming tasks. This additional time allows facility managers and cleaning business owners to delegate preparatory responsibilities such as:
– Verifying supply inventory
– Reserving necessary equipment
– Training new employees
To facilitate this, our cleaning service scheduling module automatically sends scheduled tasks to the digital work order inbox. From the field, service teams can view tasks that are due and make necessary arrangements using our mobile app. This delegation of responsibility aids in the development of additional skills for your frontline team and ultimately leads to reduced labor costs.

To maintain revenue and employee productivity, it’s imperative for cleaning businesses and in-house providers to confirm appointments for periodic cleanings. Recognizing that every last-minute cancellation incurs losses, our job scheduling module provides project stakeholders with access to view all scheduled cleanings in a calendar format.

Furthermore, as cleanings approach, eS/Clean automatically sends appointment reminders to your clients and other key building patrons. The objective is to prompt service teams to make confirmation calls, fostering good customer service practices that aid managers in safeguarding the team’s project budget.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Prevent Tasks from Falling Through the Cracks

As your team fosters a culture of quality control, managers recognize the significance of providing consistent instructions. This ensures that cleaners have clear guidance as they execute assigned tasks. However, some job scheduling solutions necessitate managers to manually input the same task description for each scheduled service.

Experience how our software streamlines the job scheduling process to ensure no task slips through the cracks. Start using eS/Clean today.