Empowering Your Team

Consistent Cleaning Standards

  1. Communicating effectively
  2. Crafting Customizable Inspection Patterns
  3. Attaching Photos and Notes to Any Rated Task Instantaneously
  4. Automatically Calculating Work Performance
  5. Completing and Submitting Inspection Reports in real-time.
  6. Establishing a Traceable Cleaning History
  7. Co-Signing Inspection Forms Together with Your Customer

Cleaning inspections are integral to your quality control program, highlighting your team’s cleaning standards. Our inspection module simplifies documenting your team’s cleaning history, promoting accountability among employees. Additionally, you can share this data with customers and building patrons to demonstrate contract fulfillment and cultivate trust.

Transition Away from Paper Inspections

Customization is Key

While pen and paper provide initial customization ease, their practicality is greatly restricted.
With the eS/Clean mobile app, your maintenance managers could effortlessly access our service from any mobile device. This heightened flexibility empowers your inspectors to complete and submit their reports promptly.
A successful quality control program acknowledges the individual needs of each facility. With distinct floor plans, diverse levels of foot traffic, and varying surfaces, it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice for every building and facility you clean.
By using our customizable pattern to assess cleanliness, you demonstrate to building patrons your commitment to their well-being.

Swiftly Address Cleaning Deficiencies

Enhance Trust with Building Management Software

During an inspection, you might observe that the team missed sweeping or mopping along the edges of the room. Simply marking the task as deficient might leave the team uncertain about the necessary corrective measures. That’s why eS/Clean Software enables users to capture images of the problem and attach explanatory notes to each inspection point.
Upon report submission, the team will have clear guidance on the location of the issue and the required corrections. This seamless communication streamlines your team’s ability to efficiently rectify cleaning errors.
In building maintenance and cleaning, the perception of your team’s service is crucial. If your customers wish to understand your cleaning standards better, extend an invitation for them to accompany you on an inspection walkthrough.
Upon report completion, our solution facilitates both your inspector and customer to sign it. Alternatively, if the customer prefers to receive the inspection report directly upon completion, you can configure eS/Clean Software to email them the results. This transparency fosters appreciation and trust in your team.